Just imagine there’s a new method of funding motion picture and television projects that could raise money for your media undertaking in hours or days rather than weeks or months.  Well that method is already here.   And just imagine that the revenue return from that method of financing was more easily collected than ever before. And that in fact film/TV revenues could be returned to producers, studios and distributors in a matter of hours rather than months or years.  Again, that method is already here.  And just imagine that nobody had to worry about the revenues being fairly distributed, because the bean counters and lawyers are eliminated from any manual division and appropriation of the media projects income.  And that whatever is negotiated and agreed upon by all parties as to the film or television projects revenue sharing will be appropriated completely electronically with no human intervention along the way.  That too is already here. 



True to any Hollywood drama the man responsible for bringing about the beginnings of such change was none other than Satoshi Nakamoto, the purported shadowy creator of the crypto currency Bitcoin.  But wait before we can give him credit for his creation which to date has gone up over five thousand percent since its release in 2009.  A creation which was at first laughed off as to ever having any long lasting influence at all,  but after several growing pains now stands tall not only among the financial tech brethren but is readily accepted by more than twenty four countries worldwide and one hundred thousand plus businesses.  One of the latest to join up is Amazon, the biggest on-line retailer in the U.S.  But wait, to add yet another twist to Bitcoins meteoric yet cloak and dagger success, it wasn’t until May 2016 that the real Satoshi Nakamoto unmasked himself to be Australian entrepreneur Craig Wright the true inventor of the cryptocurrency. Since then he has been debunked and the one who really deserves credit for the creation of the first crypto currency still lurks behind the curtain; perhaps gleefully monitoring the newer and bigger heights every day of his good Frankenstein that is so profoundly changing the world forever. 



It means that no matter who created Bitcoin,  you the producer and your production company now have another bonafide manner in which to raise financing for your film or television project. Two feature films and one television series have already been funded by Bitcoin, so why can’t your project be next? Five years from now what is today in an   infancy stage of greatly augmenting and facilitating the present funding methods of Hollywood film and television projects may be very much a proven mainstream addition or alternative.



Obviously, raising money for any movie/television project has never been a picnic unless you happen to be Clint Eastwood or Steven Spielberg. Then pre-production likely starts next week.  Point being the birth of a media project doesn’t begin when a director calls “action”, rather it is initiated in the mind and heart of a man, women or company who feel compelled to convey to the world what they feel is an important story.  Just like the story that you’ve spent months or even years putting down on the page and now it’s time for the stage.  The reality is that no project ever makes it to the film or television screen without funding.  That’s why it’s not always the best project that gets done, it’s the one in which the money is cobbled together oftentimes from a variety of sources, (film credits, bank loans, negative pickups, crowdfunding, studios etc.) until there is enough to complete the project.  And the “why you and bitcoin is answered if you’ve either come up empty in your attempts to procure money from most of the other recognized film funding sources but yet your budget is small enough that it might be completely covered through a Bitcoin round of financing. Or the “why you”manifests in a second scenario in which your budget is substantial, you’ve managed to pull together much of the recognized film funding sources but you are still coming up shy of enough of money to cover the costs of the whole project.  Another perfect scenario for a Bitcoin influx of funding.  And the most important “why you” a project, well done, seen by millions around the world in which you just might be fortunate enough to receive a golden statue for the recognition of your work.  In the back of your mind knowing that it was this relatively obscure form of film financing, still very much in it’s infancy, that had helped get you there. 



The why us and Bitcoin question for you is the fact that although there are very few companies who are endeavoring to provide Bitcoin Film Financing, of those onboard our staff has a very good handle on what is the most important order of priorities for the filmmaker.  Reason being we have a good production and CEO background.  It is all well and good to toss tech-finance terms about like blockchain, smart contracts and profit streaming and to allow this narrative to drive bitcoin financing because of how these things will be more beneficial to filmmakers by keeping studios honest and guaranteeing more money coming back to the producer in a much faster manner.  Granted these are very good things. But they are tools that can only be implemented if the film is completed in the first place.  And that’s where we differ.   What we do once the project reaches a certain level of financial and creative commitment, is to walk the filmmaker carefully through the process to the point in which the entire amount of funding for the film can be made available by what is called an ICO or Initial Coin Offering.  In many ways it is like a Wall Street initial public offering, but it is at a fraction of the cost and with funding sometimes being raised in a matter hours or days rather than weeks or months.   However, part and parcel to understanding and properly implementing an ICO is not only structuring a financial target of necessary funds needed by the filmmaker, but providing a proper structure to remain compliant with all necessary fiduciary, legal and regulatory requirements as well.

 Just because the procurement of movie monies now has a more facile option, that extremely favorable option still comes under the regulatory authority of the Securities and Exchange Commission. As such our company’s first order of business is to carefully walk you through each step of your ICO, from designing a Bitcoin to procuring the investors to make your film a reality.  Only then, do we address things such as blockchain, smart contracts and profit streaming.

 So whether we raise first money, last money or in between money, we need you onboard with all the bells and whistles you can muster.  Since the few companies who are doing Bitcoin funding seem to be more focused on their own projects, and having little time for unsolicited projects.