F. Michael Johnson CEO                  

Began his media career more than 30 years ago. Working his way up from various departments at Fox Studios, Johnson became a television writer before advancing as the co-founder of a publicly held entertainment company.  Represented by the William Morris Agency and a member of WGA West, Johnson became a media innovator though founding the Hollywood Producer's Story Directory. Transitioning to film financing, Johnson has secured funding for TV and production with such companies as Michael Klinger's Avton Films.  Recognizing the innovation that Blockchain technology (Bitcoin, smart contracts, and profit streaming) brings to Hollywood, Johnson's experiences allow him to bring past successes to funding the revolutionary future of film financing.


Ryan Johnson


is a Certified Bitcoin Professional (CBP) who has been investing in Cryptocurrency since 2013.  Witnessing the rise of Ethereum in 2014, he recognized the wide ranging business implications that could benefit from this technology.

Leveraging his experience as a business owner and contractor for Google, he is passionate about serving as the facilitator for blockchain related technology in the film sphere.  In his spare time he runs ultra-marathons and travels the world surfing large waves.



Rosalind Painter


Director of International Relations


A seasoned international traveler, Rosalind has just returned from her home in the Philippines where she is presently directing the opening of our new office in the Manila.  She will be acting as Bitcoin Film Funding's liaison with foreign investors, strategizing the implementation of Initial Coin Offerings (ICO's) abroad.




Sophia E. Johnson
Director of Marketing

Sophia is a seasoned professional of diverse careers. She
was a member of the Public Relations and Marketing team
for a medical education and research hospital and the
world’s largest dedicated neurosurgical center in Phoenix.
She has served both as Compliance Executive and the
Director of Community Relations for two non-profit
organizations. Sophia worked many years in the financial
services industry and has a passion for politics. She is a
recent graduate of the Woman’s Campaign School at Yale
University and holds a Certificate of Public Policy and
Management from the University of Arizona. Sophia
currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona.